About us

Sodex, French Producer of Sport Equipments, Nets & Accessories in Vietnam.

Established in Vietnam since 1991 by Alain Bouvot, The French company Sodex was dedicated to provide its own company Filmasport in sports material and nets. Now, after having sold Filmasport, Sodex is offering its products all over the world, outside the French border.

Coming to Sodex, we have 2 options for your convenience :

- Direct delivery from our Vietnamese unit on large orders.

- From our warehouse in France.

In any case, a commercial relationship can be made from France or Vietnam to be sure that you are working with the correct person who takes care of all your requirements.

For direct delivery from our Vietnamese unit, we offer you :

- Manufactured products under your own specifications.

- The exclusivity of your special products.

- Packaging with your own trade-mark printed on.

The warehouse makes it possible to :

- Supply products to you in the quickest time.

- Supply products to you, even in small quantities.

- Holding stock for you on recurring orders.

International References :

- World cup (France 1998)

- Tiger Cup (Vietnam 1998)

- Disable Olympic Games (Sydney 2000)

- Seagames (Vietnam 2003)

- U 19 European Championship (France 2010)

- UEFA Super Cup (Monaco 2011)

- Australian Tennis Open (Melbourne, until now)





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